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We've been working hard to make working from home easier to manage.

Your people can set their location as 'working from home' from their own personal dashboards. 

The updated location will then display to HR users via the people list, as well as in the directory.

Your people can update their location via this tile on their dashboard:

The location module has moved from settings > picklists, so to add a new location or to manage where your people can book a place at a location, simply head over to company > location management.

If you would like to allow your employees to book a place at a location, (or you'd like to book a place for them as an HR user), you will need to first enable location booking under configure > settings > modules.

For more information, please see the guide below:

As an HR/Admin user, you can navigate to the people list by going to people > our people.

You will then be able to see the relevant location icons:

The house icon shows when someone has set their location as working from home:

The parasol icon will show when someone is on holiday:

The medical bag icon reflects someone who currently has an open sickness:

The headings at the top of the people list now include the column 'location', so you can see where your team are at a glance.

At any one time, you will now be able to view how many of your people are recorded as working from home from the HR dashboard:

If you or your people can't see the 'location' tile on your personal dashboards, your location module may not be enabled. 

You can check this by going to configure > settings > modules and ensuring the location box is ticked, and clicking the update button at the bottom of the page.

Please note

Booking a place via the location management tool will override the employee's current set location, e.g. working from home.

If one of your team uses the location booking tile to book a place in the office and is due to work from home the following day, this will need to be reflected from their own dashboard again.

When deactivated, this module will re-launch the original location management tool that allows users to freely select their location on any given day. The managing of locations will still be done from within the company tab.

For more information, see our guide on the location tracker:

We hope this guide is helpful. For any further questions, please feel free to get in touch using the blue chat feature at the bottom right of your Breathe account.

Thanks for reading!

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