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Do you like everyone to know where everyone is? For example, if a person is working from home it's helpful for you as HR staff to track this.

Your people can now update their location from their own personal dashboards.

The location module has moved from settings > picklists, so to add a new location or to manage where your people can book a place at a location, simply head over to company > location management.

If you would like to allow your employees to book a place at a location, (or you'd like to book a place for them as an HR user), you will need to first enable location booking under configure > settings > modules.

For more information, please see the guides below:

How to can I see my people's location?

As well as within the location management tool, locations will also show on your people list.  If you see a house icon this will be because this person has selected to work from home from the drop-down menu. The location column will also reflect this.

Workforce trends are changing; a move to a service-based economy means that many employees no longer need to work from a physical office; staff want a better balance between home and the office, and an increasing number of older workers appreciate more flexible lifestyles.  Check out this blog to find out more:

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