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All employees can now view company locations in the Location Management tool

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Do your people want to see who's coming into the office?

With employees now returning to work and adopting hybrid working schemes it would be a great help for them to be able to see who is in the location on certain days so they can plan their team days and arrange meetings with their colleagues.

Now this is possible. With our latest update to the Location Management tool*, all users can get an overview of bookings for a location.

Your people are now able to see a list of who has booked into a location, their company department and their listed duties, such as a key holder or first aider.

Sounds great right? Here's how to activate this within your account.

As an Admin or HR user simply navigate to Configure - Settings - Permissions and Approvals and select Change what people can see and do. Tick the View location bookings report box.

All your employees will now be able to see this by navigating to their Company Tab and selecting Location Bookings, its as simple as that.

They can now effectively plan their time in the office and have full visibility of who is in the office on any given date.

Viewing your own bookings:

Your own location bookings are visible via the profile > more > location bookings.

You & your people can view your own bookings by heading to their dashboard and selecting the 'View bookings' button. You can delete your own bookings from here, too.

If you need to, you can then cross-reference this data with your furlough report to show those that have been back to the office.

Viewing other people's bookings

Everyone in your organisation has the ability to see all bookings by heading to Company > Location bookings.

This shows the amount of bookings, spaces, and capacity will show, as well as a list of people who have booked at this location, their company department and their listed duties, such as a key holder, fire warden or first aider.

Admin and HR Users:

Location bookings can be accessed by following the pathway: Reports > People Records > Location Bookings

Line Managers and Standard Users:

The location bookings can be found by following the pathway: Company > Location Bookings as seen below:

You can choose whether or not you'd like your people to see location bookings by heading to Configure > Settings > Choose what people can see and do > tick the box shown below > click 'update settings'.

Please note: To use the Location Management tool, you will need to first enable location booking under configure > settings > modules

Reporting on bookings

We have also added a useful report to show you all bookings in one place. To use this, head to Reports > people records > location bookings. This is available to Admin and HR users only.

For more information, please see the guide below:

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