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How to book Locations and manage capacity
How to book Locations and manage capacity

Booking locations and managing capacities within Breathe

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Want to know where and when your fellow colleagues are working from at any given point? The Location Bookings feature can be really useful.

Booking a place:

Your people can book a place in your workplace via their own dashboard, where they'll see a location booking tile. They can choose a location and date:

Once a place has been booked, a confirmation email will be sent to the user to acknowledge the booking.

Locations can also be booked from an employee profile via More > Location bookings.

Managing capacity:

The new location management tool allows HR users to set a maximum amount of places that can be booked for a location. To set location capacity, click this icon:

You'll then see this box:

Once the capacity is set, your team will be able to book places at a location. They won't be able to book a space if capacity has been reached.

Important info/other related guides

  • If you don't want to allow your people to book locations themselves, you can disable this functionality by going to Configure > settings > change what people can see and do and unticking the 'Book locations' box.

  • HR users are unable to book a location on behalf of an employee.

  • Booking a place will override the employee's current set location, e.g. working from home.

  • If one of your team uses the location booking tile to book a place in the office and is due to work from home the following day, this will need to be reflected from their own dashboard again.

  • When deactivated, this module will re-launch the original location management tool that allows users to freely select their location on any given day. The managing of locations will still be done from within the company tab.


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