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An introduction to Breathe's online training tool and how to use the module

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What is Learn?

With training courses covering topics such as GDPR, information security, discrimination and much more, Breathe's Learn module helps to maintain compliance among your employees.

With the Learn Breathe module, you have access to 4 free courses, these courses are tailored to HR user, line manager and employee permission levels.

Once you subscribe to the Learn module, you'll have access to 19 additional Learn courses.

Learn more with the video below:

How can I get started?

To get started with Learn, free courses are automatically available in the Breathe account, accessible via Modules > Learn.

Admin users can enable the Learn module and unlock chargeable courses through the main Learn menu or via Configure > Settings > Modules > Chargeable modules.

Your Admin user can enable the Learn module by heading to Configure > Settings > Modules > Additional modules and switching Learn to 'on'.

Employees can access their assigned courses from their personal dashboards under the 'My courses' tile.

Only HR users have access to assign users to courses within the Learn module.

How can I see a list of courses?

To view the list of available courses, users can navigate to Modules > Learn.

You can now see all the courses available to your people. For each course, you'll see the name of the course, how long it should take, how many people have the course assigned to them, how many people have completed the course, and whether it's a free or paid course.

Course details

Click on the arrow in the actions column next to a course and you'll see the course's description, name, estimated duration, and the audience of the course:

Assign a course

To assign a course to your people click either assign people or the add people icon:

Choose your audience, whether completion is required, and by when the course needs to be completed, then click assign to course:

Once you assign employees to the course, the audience will be updated.

Viewing the courses you're assigned to

You can see your courses both on your personal dashboard and on the Learn tab of your profile.

Head to My dashboard, and click view courses:

Or you can go to your profile and select Learn:

Start a course

Choose a course and click the arrow to proceed, then click start course:

When you complete the course, the date of completion will be added.

For more information on pricing for Breathe plans, please see below:

Customer case study

Here is a case study about how the Learn module has helped Fargro enhance their employee journey.

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