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How do substitution preferences work?
How do substitution preferences work?
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Choose Your Substitution Preference at Checkout

At checkout, you can choose your preference for what your personal shopper should do if an item in your order is unavailable. Under "If an item is unavailable...", you'll be presented with two options to select from.

What do these options mean?

No need to call me (Our most popular option!)

Your shopper will select a substitute on your behalf for any products that may be unavailable at the store without having to make contact with you. This means that if you can't talk, your shopper can still ensure you don't go without an unavailable item.

TIP: If you have important items or dietary requirements, we recommend you leave item-specific notes recommending to your shopper what they should do if that product is unavailable. Click here to find out how item-specific notes work

Call me to discuss options

Your shopper will try to make contact with you to discuss potential substitutions. However, if you're unavailable or miss the call, your shopper will proceed to with choosing suitable substitutes on your behalf or potentially removing items where similar products are unavailable.

TIP: When selecting this option, please ensure you keep your phone on you, and you are available up to two hours before your chosen delivery slot.

Your preference matters

Keep in mind that when you select your preference, this is what your shopper will do in all cases of product unavailability. That includes circumstances such as missing items, out-of-stock items, or even issues related to incorrect product information. Regardless of the situation, your shopper will always respect your preference.

When selecting your preference, remember that the best option may vary depending on the circumstances. For example, if you're unable to take any calls at the moment, then selecting "No need to call me" may be the more convenient option.

Finally, while shoppers will always do their best to pick your substitutions, only you know you best, so we always recommend you leave item-specific notes to ensure your shopper picks your products to your liking. Click here to find out how item-specific notes work.

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