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Attendance Guide (Students)

Submitting attendance inside CampusKnot is quick and easy

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From the website:

Important: Make sure you are paying attention to your instructor's screen or the projector where the attendance code is being displayed

  1. If you're inside the CampusKnot website, make sure you select the class where attendance is being taken.

  2. Input the code displayed. A quick tip: If the timer is down to 10 seconds, wait for the next code to be generated.

Please note each code is unique. If you try to input a code inside the attendance feature that has already expired, your submission will not count.

From the CampusKnot App:

  1. Select the course where attendance is being taken

  2. Inside the Feeds page, select the + icon > Submit Attendance

  3. Type the code displayed on your professor's screen

  4. After submitting your attendance, a message confirming your submission will come up


If you receive an error message, ensure the code you're inputting is typed correctly, or it's still valid. You cannot submit older codes. You must input a code that's visible on the professor's screen.

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