Editing a Waiver
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Follow along with the video above to learn how to edit a waiver.

In the event that an already added waiver needs to be edited, administrators have the ability to do so.

To begin, click on the Waiver sub-tab under Champions. From here, there are two ways to start editing the waiver:

From the Waiver home screen, click on the name of the waiver you would like to edit. You will then be taken to the detail page of that waiver. To start editing, select Edit next to the waiver's title.

From the Waiver home screen, click anywhere on the row of the waiver you would like to edit except for the Name link. The row selected should turn blue. From here, click Select Action, and choose Edit Credential.

From either method, you will be taken to an Update Waiver screen, similar to the one below:

You can edit any of the waiver administrative or volunteer details from here. Once finished, do not forget to scroll down and hit Save!

Note: After editing a waiver, those who have signed the older version may now have their waiver status labeled "Outdated."

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