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Follow along with the video to learn how to add an opportunity from your mobile app.

Admins have the ability to create opportunities from their mobile app.

To do so, first ensure you are on admin mode. Select the person icon in the lower righthand corner, and choose Admin.

You will be taken to your admin homescreen. From here, you need to select Locations on your bottom menu bar.

You should now see a list of all of your current and past opportunities. To add a new opportunity, select Add Opportunity at the bottom of the screen.

The first part of adding an opportunity is giving the opportunity a name. This name will be visible to your volunteers, so it is best to make it as clear as possible. Once you have typed in the name, select Next to move on.

Note: At any point in the opportunity creation process, you can swipe through steps to change your previous answers.

The second step is to create the opportunity's start date and time. When do you want the geofence to start being active? Click on the date and time boxes to choose your desired beginning. Once you have done so, select Next to continue.

Now that you have decided a start date and time, you must decide an end date and time. When do you want the geofence to stop being active? Click on the date and time boxes to pinpoint an end. Afterward, select Next.

Note: If you would like the geofence to be active for an indefinite period of time, set the end time for years into the future. There is no time limit.

The next step is to input the location of your opportunity. Do not copy and paste a location into the box, as this can often confuse the system and erroneously place your geofence. Input the address manually, and select the correct one as results appear. The map below should display a marker for the location, as well as a map view of it. Once the location is where you would like it to be, select Next.

The final step is to review all of your information about the new opportunity. If there is anything wrong, you can swipe through the previous steps to edit what you have input. Once everything is as you would like, select Save to publish the opportunity and make it live for your volunteers.

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