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Cancelling Volunteers' Registration for an Event
Cancelling Volunteers' Registration for an Event
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Follow along with the video above to learn how to cancel volunteers' registration for an event.

If an administrator would like to remove one or multiple volunteers from an event, they have the option to do that using the Cancel Registration option, so long as the event has not happened already.

To begin, go to the event's individual page, and click to enter the Volunteers sub-tab. You should see a list of all of the volunteers registered for the event.

At the left of their names will be a box. Check the boxes of the volunteers you would like to remove, and then select the large orange box above the names that says Cancel Registration. If you would like to remove all volunteers on the page, check off the empty box next to Name, and every volunteer on the page will be selected for removal.

In this example, I am removing registration for both volunteers. Thus, I have checked off the box next to NAME on the top of the column.

Once you select Cancel Registration, a pop-up box will appear, asking if you are sure you want to cancel the registrations for these volunteers. Select Confirm to solidify your decision. The volunteers will no longer be registered for your event. They will be notified that their registration has been cancelled.


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