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How Do I Get Added to a School's List?
How Do I Get Added to a School's List?

How do I get added to a school list?

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To be added to a school's list, you need to apply to the school to be considered. This can be done in three ways

  1. Request to join a school's list on ClassCover
    Available on the mobile and web, you can head over to Find New Schools and filter schools near you by the distance you’re willing to travel. You can then view school profiles and send requests at the click of a button.

    Your profile will need to be at 85% complete to start applying, however, it is recommended that you have your profile at 100% with all your important documents and have your availability up to date (this means you have no Haven't Indicated status for the month ahead).

    You have 25 requests you can send each week so spend them wisely. Each Monday your school request limit is reset back to 25.

  2. Check out ClassCover Jobs to see if any schools in your local area have posted a call out for casual relief teachers to add to their list. Here you can apply with your profile and cover letter and a school can click to add you.

    Make sure your profile is up to date and availability correct (don't leave it blank). It is recommended you include a cover letter.

    You can access ClassCover Jobs via the web and mobile app version of ClassCover.

    Pro tip: Turn on alerts for ClassCover Jobs so you are always in the know when new opportunities pop up!

  3. Apply to join a school's list outside of ClassCover by reaching out via phone, email, or in person. Let the school know you are on ClassCover so they can find you and invite you to their list.

    You can use your Teacher Portfolio link to send to schools. All you need to do is make sure this is switched on via your teacher profile. Schools can then add you straight to their list by finding you through this link.

    This link can be placed in your teacher resume, your email signature or send it on its own and use it as your main teacher resume.

How to see which schools you've been added to

You can see the schools you have been added to under 'My Schools' on both the mobile and desktop versions of ClassCover.

Top tips on getting added to more school lists

  1. Is your ClassCover profile up to scratch?
    Your ClassCover profile is your online CV and it's important that it is treated as such. Maintaining and updating your profile will help you put your best foot forward. Teachers with fully filled-out profiles will have an increased chance of being added to new schools via our Find New Teachers feature.

    Take the quick test to see how your profile stands up

  2. Keep your availability updated
    Getting added to more school lists will increase your booking requests, however, staying on a school list is also just as important. Teachers with their availability up to date on a regular basis are 7 x more likely to be booked by schools over those who haven't made the time. Some who never updates has been known to be completely removed.

    Make a habit out of it! Take 2 minutes every Sunday and update on the go via the ClassCover app

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