Are you looking to be added to more school lists but want to be able to do that on ClassCover? Now you can and we’re really excited to open up more opportunities for teachers to connect with schools in-app without having to leave ClassCover.

Available on the mobile and web, you can filter schools near you by the distance you’re willing to travel and send requests at the click of a button. You can also click on each school and navigate to their new school profile which has high-level info, recent jobs posted, and more.

You have 10 requests you can send each week so spend them wisely. Each Monday your school request limit is reset back to 10. You will be notified each week if you have new requests to use up.

This feature is called Find New Schools and is waiting for you to give it a whirl!

Go to Find New Schools now

💡 Heads up: schools have only received access to their new School Profiles very re3cently, so give them a minute to fill them out.

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