All NSW DoE teachers are required to have a current Anaphylaxis, E-Emergency Care and Working with Children Clearance in order to be eligible to teach in NSW schools.

Due to requirements being so frequently changed, we do not provide links to the actual courses in this article any longer.

Non-NSW teachers should seek out the current course requirements from your Department of Education.

To access the new e-learning module you will need to log in to the Department's staff portal. There is information here, however, please check that it is the appropriate course for your requirements. If you do not know your portal access details, please contact the department's IT help desk on 1800 338 483.

Information regarding the E-Emergency Care Training course can be found here, however you may need to access this from a NSW DoE networked device.

For support or advice regarding these training requirements please contact the department's Work Health and Safety hotline on 1800 811 523.

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