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Not receiving Push Notifications on Android phones
Not receiving Push Notifications on Android phones
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Are you using a Huawei or Oppo phone and having troubles with Push Notifications since their recent update?

Push notifications have been an issue for some time now, with EMUI's aggressive memory management to blame. There are times when notifications from a particular app just won't show up, or instances where all background services are disabled if the screen has been off for a few hours. Here's how you can manually fix the issue.

  1. Open Settings from the app drawer or home screen.

  2. Select Apps

4. Choose ClassCover to see its options.

5. Select Power usage details.

6. Tap App launch to configure the settings.

7. Disable the Manage automatically toggle and set auto-launch, Secondary launch, and Run in background to On.

That's it! Once you set the background activity monitoring to manual, EMUI will no longer disable that service when the phone is in an idle state.

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