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How to turn on Push Notifications and accept bookings
How to turn on Push Notifications and accept bookings

How to update Push Notification settings on iOS and Android

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There are steps you can take to ensure that you can receive push notifications to your iOS or Android device. This will mean you see a notification on your screen when a booking request is sent to you.

Firstly ensure you are logged into one device only. If you are logged into multiple devices the system will only recognise the last one you logged into and send notifications to that device. If you are using 2 devices, switch off the notifications from the secondary device and logout and log back in to your primary device. 

How to ensure Push Notifications are switched on (iOS)

Check in the settings by going to Settings > Notifications > ClassCover as shown below:

Everything should be turned "ON"
The banner Style should be "Persistent"
Show Previews should be "Always"

Once all the Settings are in place and a school sends you a booking request, this is how it will appear on your screen when it is locked (when you have to use a pass code, finger print or Face ID to unlock the phone)

Once you tap on the notification, it will ask for your pass code, fingerprint or Face ID. If the correct details are entered, you will be able to see your Booking Details Page immediately where you have the option to either Decline or Accept the booking request.

If your phone doesn't use a pass code, finger print or face ID to unlock the phone then simply swipe the request to the right to see the booking details page and tap Accept or Decline.

If you receive a notification while the phone is unlocked, it will pop up on the top of the screen as a banner (see below). In this scenario you can tap the notification and it will take you to the booking details page where you can tap Accept or Decline.

If you saw the notification while the phone was unlocked but did not tap on it before it disappears then you can slide down the notifications bar where you will see your recent notifications, click on the Booking Request and it will take you to the booking details page in the app. Here you tap Accept or Decline.

How to ensure Push Notifications is switched on (Android)

Android users: How to ensure push notifications are switched on

Android has more than 500 different devices therefore the steps listed below may vary for various devices. 

Samsung phones are the most common Android devices therefore we have put together a step by step on how to ensure your push notifications are activated on a Samsung device.

If you have another model of Android phone, please check the instructions from your phone manufacturer. Quick reference guides are available via a Google search.

Samsung device

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps.

  2. Touch Settings.

  3. Scroll to and touch Notifications.

  4. Scroll to and touch Application notifications.

  5. Touch the ClassCover app.

  6. Enable Allow notifications.

  7. The Notification types should all be set to Allowed.

  8. Lock screen notifications should be set to Show content.

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