ClassCover has recently launched HomeTeacher, a tutoring platform that connects accredited teachers to tutoring opportunities.

As well as needing day to day tutors for individual children, we have also recently partnered with The Smith Family delivering catch up education to disadvantaged children and have more opportunities like this in the pipeline.

You may have also seen in the news (such as here and here) that various state governments are funding small group teaching and tutoring in 2021 to assist children who need learning support. They will be recruiting casual teachers, retired teachers and pre graduate teachers.

So that these organisations may easily find interested teachers, we have now added an option in your profile, where you can select if you are interested in taking part in tutoring opportunities in the future.

How to select that you are interested in tutoring

Simply login to your ClassCover account on the web version and navigate to your profile. Click 'edit' and go to the section that asks about your 'CV experience and employment history'. Scroll down to the bottom of the check boxes and tick 'Tutoring'

Click 'save profile' so your preference is recorded.

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