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Completed training and still showing as 'Partially Verified' (orange tick) - NSW only
Completed training and still showing as 'Partially Verified' (orange tick) - NSW only
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Have you completed your training already and are still appearing as ‘partially verified’?

You may have done this training, however you may need to check that it's submitted correctly, which includes the correct training modules as listed in detail in this article, check that none are expired and check that you have submitted your training in MyPL using your DET email.

Over the past couple of weeks >95% support requests across EdConnect & ClassCover have been resolved by assisting the teacher with updating their certificate/s or their details. The ClassCover and DoE systems are working correctly, but it normally take 3 to 5 days for MyPL to verify the training and then send the data to us if you have recently completed one of the courses. Once sent, your profile verification status will be automatically updated.

There have been many instances of teachers completing the wrong training module. Please check that the below courses are in fact the ones you have completed:

  • Fraud and Corruption Control (new and replacing Corruption Prevention) - course code NR33012 (update annually)

  • Code of Conduct Online - course code NR27345 (update annually)

  • Child Protection Update - course code NR33207 (update annually)

  • Data Breach Response Plan - Reporting Data Breaches - course code NRG12326 (update every 5 years)

  • Anti-Racism Policy Training - course code NR30069 (every 2 years)

  • Cyber Security NSW Essentials training - course code NR31133 (update annually)

  • Aboriginal Cultural Education training - course code NR35190 (every 3 years)

  • Anaphylaxis e-Learning (APTSs) Teaching and Administrative Staff (update every 2 years)

  • e-Emergency Care (update every 3 years)

  • WHS induction for employees (complete once only)

To get further assistance with accessing training in your staff portal training, please raise a support ticket via or contact EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32 - select option 5 IT.

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