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Receiving teacher requests to join your list on ClassCover

Teachers can now request to join your list. Learn more about that here.

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Receive teacher requests to join your list in-app

Are you in need of more casual relief teachers to join your list? We have just released a major new feature on ClassCover that now allows teachers to request to join your list in-app. You can then review a list of pending teacher requests and choose to accept, decline and even block.

You are able to view rich teacher profile information, as you would in Find New Teachers, and add them to your list in a click if they are suitable for your school.

Teachers are able to send out 10 requests a week and are only able to start sending requests once they’ve completed the majority of their profile which means mandatory information.

Teachers will be reviewing your new School Profile so make sure you have this filled out. Complete your School Profile

You can find this new feature on both the web and mobile version of ClassCover under ‘Teacher requests’

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