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Inactive profile - How to reactivate your account
Inactive profile - How to reactivate your account
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Are you inactive? If you haven't used ClassCover in over 90 days - then you are

Schools become aware that you are inactive if there's been no activity on your account in 90 days. What happens then is you receive an inactive tag on ClassCover. If you have an inactive tag, schools are likely to remove you from their lists permanently or will hide you from all future bookings.

Please note that ClassCover will not deactivate your profile for you and you will still appear in school lists and Find New Teachers directory.

Are you still interested in getting booked on ClassCover in 2022?

If you are ready to work and have availability in 2022, then you'll need to let schools know you are active by logging into your ClassCover account and updating your availability. This will remove the inactive tag and schools will know that you are ready for bookings.

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