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Job Seeker and PD only profiles: Switching bookings ON and OFF
Job Seeker and PD only profiles: Switching bookings ON and OFF

How to temporarily disable bookings so you can keep your account to apply for jobs

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Your ClassCover profile is versatile, allowing you to switch bookings ON and OFF in a click.

By switching off bookings, you will be hidden from the directory for schools to find and add you to their booking list. You will also be hidden from school booking lists so you no longer will be requested for casual days, until you decide to switch it back on.

With a bookings off profile, you can continue to use your ClassCover to apply for jobs and access our online teacher PD.

How to switch bookings ON and OFF via your profile

  1. Login to ClassCover and head over to your profile here.

  2. You will find a section that outlines what you are using ClassCover for.

  3. You sill see the option 'Get booked for casual work through ClassCover Bookings. You can have this switched on or off by clicking on the edit icon in the top right hand side of the box.
    Clicked = Bookings ON
    Un-clicked = Bookings OFF

You can change this at any time. If you are coming back to casual teaching, you can click this back on and you will reappear on schools lists and be searchable in the directory for new schools to find you, if you have your profile on 'viewable to other schools'. This setting can be found under your settings page on ClassCover

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