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This tour will give you a brief overview of all the features in ClassHero. To learn more about each of the features, we recommend clicking on the links in the app as you go through it.

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu is located in the very top left corner of every page in the ClassHero Teacher Experience. It is the easiest way to access anything you need in ClassHero.

From the navigation menu you can access:

  1. All of the main sections in the teacher experience (Home Dashboard, Student Practice App, HeroBadges, and Class Settings)

  2. Quick links to the most used features

  3. A link to chat with our support team

  4. Account settings

Home Dashboard

The home dashboard is where you will spend most your time as a teacher. You can do everything from changing practice topics to making individual changes to student's learning plans.

Features on your Home Dashboard:

  1. ClassPin & ClassPoints: Your ClassPin is used for students to login to the student app, if they aren't synced directly via Classlink or Clever. Students synced through Classlink or Clever should be able to get into ClassHero without a pin, since the system will know who they are. ClassPoints are a currency both you and your class can earn together.

  2. The Class Roster: Your class roster is located on the left side of your home screen. You can click any students name to see an overview of their profile, along with what they have been practicing. Read more about Student Profiles.

  3. Currently Teaching: The Currently Teaching Panel contains an assignment explorer where you assign (and unassign) the current class topic to all students. Read more about Assigning. At the bottom of the panel is a Personalized Topic tool, which enables you to assign a second topic to individual students or small groups for Tier 2 intervention. You can assign a maximum of 2 assignments to students for practice at any given time, with any personalized topic assigned showing up in the student app as "My Mission."

  4. The Weekly Activity Feed: Your activity feed shows you how your class has been performing throughout the week. You can click into days and names to see detailed results.

  5. Action Items: Action Items are notifications or alerts to inform you of important information as your students practice.

  6. The HeroBoard: The HeroBoard is a monthly ClassPoint leaderboard for all the classes in your school using ClassHero. Learn more about Challenging Other Classes. The names on the board are other teachers in your school.

Class Settings

Your class settings are the place to make class wide changes to how your students practice in ClassHero.

Here are the functions in your Class Settings:

  1. Language Settings: Edit which language ELL students can practice in, or set up a dual language classroom in which all students practice in a second language.

  2. Differentiation: Depending on your subscription, ClassHero automatically imports the assessment data from your district for each of your students and will reflect it here. This data impacts the way ClassHero differentiates practice for individual students.

  3. Plans & Billing: Explore ClassHero subscription plans.

  4. Manage Classes: Rename, Add, or Delete Classes

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