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Clinical Site: How to Create and Edit Clinical Opportunities

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Opportunity refers to the experiences your organization offers to students, both assigned to specific schools, or open to apply for directly. Opportunities can be configured for a narrowed date range, maximum number of students, and other detailed scheduling options. Opportunities must be added to Clinician Nexus in advance, so school coordinators can schedule students on a service at your site. For this reason, it's helpful to first prioritize setting up opportunities under each service that applies to an agreement with an affiliate school.

After reading this article you will be able to...

  • Configure Opportunities

  • Edit Existing Opportunity Window

Configure Opportunities

To configure opportunities within each service area for scheduling/allowing requests,

  • Click an existing service from the services sub-menu

  • Click +Add opportunity

Or duplicate the configurations of an existing opportunity window by using the gray duplicate icon next to the red x icon- and adjust the name and details as needed.

In the new opportunity window, you'll be able to allocate new opportunities based on your setting preferences in these three categories:

  • General

  • Who is it for?

  • When and where?


When creating an opportunity, the first section to complete includes general information such as the opportunity name, description, type of experience, and specialties. The opportunity can also be toggled on, or off, to open it for scheduling, as well as specify the workflow type. When complete, click Save.

Note on workflow types:
​Selecting allow coordinator scheduling for the workflow type will allow you to link the opportunity for an individual school partner to schedule students directly.

Selecting post to search page for the workflow type will allow you to make the rotation available for students to apply directly.

Who is it for?

The second page to complete includes information on who the opportunity is form such as the Agreement assigned, disciplines allowed, and minimum student year. When complete, click Save.

When and where?

The final section includes information about when and where the opportunity will take place, such as the location, date range, number of slots and shifts available, as well as if the it's for a group, or an individual. When complete, click Save.


Freeze date- The last day opportunities can be scheduled or changed.

Lead time- Restricts users from requesting rotations a certain number of days before the opportunity starts.

Shifts- Number of students who can rotate per day.

Slots- Total number of experiences that can be scheduled over the lifetime of the opportunity. If you limit the total slots over time, an option can be given to the school to release slots back to the site if they do not need them.

Edit Existing Opportunity Window

You can see existing opportunities in either the Opportunities tab or the Services tab in the left side menu.

Opportunities Tab:

  • Click into an opportunity window to adjust the details:

Services Tab:

Once you click on a specific service area, scroll to the bottom and you can view the existing opportunities previously configured.

  • Click into an opportunity window to adjust the details:

Have more questions? Please reach out by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen from 8am-6pm CT, Mon-Fri.

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