Adding your Clubworx Calendar & Contact Form to your website

Embed your Clubworx class schedule and a Contact Us form on your own website using a simple copy and paste.

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Clubworx allows you to embed your weekly timetable and Contact Us form on your own website using a simple code snippet. 

This creates a seamless integration of these Clubworx widgets (timetable/schedule and contact us form) into your own website. Visitors to your site will never have to leave your site to browse your weekly classes, giving them a more coherent experience. 

Once set up, Members can 

  • book into your classes through the embedded Clubworx timetable by adding their email address (so simple!); or 

  • submit an enquiry through the contact us form and they will be automatically added to your database as a prospect.

By integrating your calendar and contact forms with your website you avoid double handling information and all interactions are tracked in your Clubworx account.  

NOTE: Once thing that is important to check before progressing is that your website management system supports iframes (this is the format which allows the integration to happen).

Below are the steps to follow to integrate Clubworx with your website:

  1. Click Settings and select Website from the drop-down menu.

  2. Click on the Integrations item in the left menu. You will now see three integration options. Choose the option that you'd like and click Copy the HTML code to your clipboard.  

  3. Now go to your website and add the code snippet into the page you want your calendar to appear.  You should see the embedded widget appear immediately!

  4. If you'd like your calendar to be "Read-Only" (so that it can't be used to make bookings) you can shift the Allow bookings to be made when your calendar is hosted outside of Clubworx? toggle.

(If you are not familiar with inserting iframe code into your website, please speak with your web design company.)

If you have any further questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at!

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