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Adding Rooms and other Locations for Events
Adding Rooms and other Locations for Events

If your classes take place in multiple locations, you can ensure your members and prospects know where class will be held!

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If you have classes in multiple locations, you can set up your events and appointments to have different locations. These can then be used to filter your calendar when members are looking for a class, or if you want to externally show classes for a single location.

First, we'll set up locations. Head to "Calendar" then "View Calendar" and click "+New" and "Add Event": 

Then, under "Location" click "Add/Manage Locations":

Next, enter the name of your location and click "Add Location" to create it: 

Once you've added your locations, click "Ok" then you're ready to allocate those locations to events:

If you require more information on creating events, you can read more here.

Once you create the event, you'll be able to filter locations if you only want to check on one location: 

This is also useful for your members. First, if your members use the mobile member portal they can filter locations in the "Make a Booking" section to see events for locations they are interested in: 

If you use the website calendar or free trial calendar your members will also be able to filter locations:

If you are using integrations to show your Clubworx calendar on your own website, you will also be able to have a calendar default to show a single location. This is a little involved, so please don't hesitate to reach out to if you require any assistance with this.

First, go to your internal calendar and filter your calendar to the location you'd like to show: 

Next, note the "location=X" number in the URL, in this example, 530:  

After this, preferably in a new window, head to "Admin" then "Website" and "Integrations" and under "Add Your Timetable" click "Copy the HTML code to your clipboard":

You will now have a piece of code like this in your clipboard, to paste into your website HTML:

Now, you can add ?location_id=X (where X is the number in the URL) at the end of the iframe HTML code (please note, you will need to use "location_id=", the URL that we noted will just be "location=" so you'll need to change this):

This will now default the calendar to only show that location (however, the filter can still be used to change this):

If you have any further questions or queries on classes held across multiple locations, please don't hesitate to contact support at 

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