Your "Contact Us Form" allows you to funnel prospect information into your Clubworx account automatically, while also easily managing your prospect's queries. 

Adding sections to your Contact Us form

To add extra sections to your "Contact Us" form, simply head to "Admin" then "Customize Contacts" and choose the "edit" button for section of the profile you'd like the custom field to appear in:

Then scroll to the bottom of the page and select "New Field":

Then fill out the new field (for short answer, use "Text field" - or if you have a range of options to select, use "drop select field") using your question as the "Label". Then switch "On" for Prospects and click "Save and Close":

This will now appear on your "Contact Us" form:

When the "Submit" button is pressed by the prospect, they will appear in your Clubworx account: 

You will also get an email with their information: 

Where to find the contact us form? 

If you use the free Clubworx website, you'll find the "Contact Us" form under the "Contact Us" tab:

If you have your own website, you can use the Clubworx Contact Us Form externally. Simply head to "Admin" > "Website" > "Integrations" and click the "Copy the HTML code to your clipboard." under the "Add Your Contact Us Form" section which you can then paste on the website: 

If you want even more flexibility with lead funnels, you can check out this video on how Clubworx integrates with Zapier. 


Q: I want to remove the date of birth/address sections from the "Contact Us" form
A: Please contact our support team at and we will be able to organise this for you

Q: I want to change the colors of my contact us form
A: Head to "Admin" > "Website" > "Website Design" to change the main color of your contact us form.

Q: I want other staff members to get the email notification when a new prospect signs a form
A: No worries! Head to "Admin" > "Account Profile" then choose "Email Settings" and under the "New website enquiry" section, choose "Send to other recipients" and list all the email addresses who you'd like notified when your contact us form is signed (be sure to include yourself if you'd still like to be notified!)

Any other queries? Reach out anytime to  

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