Clubworx is excited to unleash Roll Call for your classes! Roll Call allows you and your trainers to check your members in, mark them absent, remove them from the class list, and see relevant information like number of attendances, membership, membership expiry, when their next payment is – even if it’s near their birthday!   

The difference between Roll Call and Class Kiosk is that Class Kiosk is designed to allow students to check themselves in. You won’t be able to mark people absent or see information such as payments. Likewise, in Roll Call, member’s names and emails will be shown in full rather than having the option to partially censor or remove certain details.   

To find Roll Call, head to “Calendar” and then click “Roll Call” :

Once in Roll Call you’ll be able to see members who have been booked under “Waiting to check in” and member’s who have been checked in under “Checked in”:   

To add a member to the class, just search their name and click “Drop in”:    

You will be able to see relevant information for your members such as their membership and it’s expiry (if relevant), next payment date, and attendances for their current membership.

 You will also be able to click “More” on their payments to see any upcoming payments that are not related to the membership:     

If you have a long list of members, you can select "Skip to..." in order to get yourself to the section you need in a jiffy:  


To exit Roll Call, just click the “Exit Roll Call” button at the bottom of the screen:    

For any further questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the Clubworx support team at

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