You can now add one or many notes against your contacts so that you or your trainers can be alerted to important information about your contacts at check in time. A contact note can be made visible via Roll Call, Kiosk Mode or both as you need. 

Adding a contact flag

From the contact profile, there is a Flag link at the bottom of the contact information form section. Click on this to add a flag.

There are few options when adding a flag that can help make these notes easier to read/interpret when you or your staff are reading them at check in via Roll Call or Class Kiosk mode. This is very similar to adding a note, however, you can also colour code your flags and decide whether or not the flag will be able to be seen via class kiosk mode. 

It is important to check or uncheck this option as needed as class kiosk mode is a self check in mode, so flags made available here may be seen by the members or prospects. 

Editing/Deleting Flags 

Once you have added one or more flags to a contact, you will see this on the contact's profile (as below). You can click on the existing flags to edit or remove them at any time.

Viewing Flags in Roll Call or Kiosk Mode
You will now see an alert icon (!) in roll call or class kiosk to let you know the contact has one or more active flags (as below).

Managing Flags from Roll Call or Kiosk Mode

Tap or click on the alert icon to view the flags. Here you will see an option to dismiss the flag if you need as well. 

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