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How to use the date of birth calendar
How to use the date of birth calendar

The date of birth calendar appears on the Clubworx Waivers and the Contact Form.

Updated over a week ago

If you are using Clubworx Waivers or the Clubworx Contact Form you may have heard some questions from customers asking how to choose their date of birth. 

This article will demonstrate how this feature works so your members will be able to sign up without issue. 

What is the date of birth calendar?

The date of birth calendar allows new members and prospects to enter their date of birth when signing up. 

This feature appears in two places:

1. The Clubworx Waivers 

2. The Clubworx Contact Form

How does it work?

When the user clicks the icon a calendar appears. If the user clicks the top-center part of the calendar they will see a list of months. If they click again, they will see a list of years. The user can now use the arrows to navigate to their desired year. This process is demonstrated by the images below:

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