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Managing Bookings for your Contacts
How can prospects make a booking on my website calendar?
How can prospects make a booking on my website calendar?

This article will show you how new prospect can book into events via the external calendar

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Your prospects will only be able to sign into a class if they are not already in your Clubworx system. This is so currently signed up prospects are not signing into multiple free trials. If they are already in the Clubworx system, you will be able to book them in via the internal calendar.

For a new prospect, they will click on an event that they want (as long as the event has spaces for prospects): 

They will be able to click this link: 

If the member clicks that link, they will be shown the "Contact Information" form in the window. If they try and submit their email (that is not in the system) they will receive this message and the "Contact Information" form: 

If it is successful, they will see a "Booked successfully" message and then the window will disappear. If you have booking confirmations turned on for your gym, they will receive a confirmation email. If you'd like booking confirmation emails turned on for your gym, or you're unsure if it is, please contact support at

Once they've filled out this form, their profile will show in Clubworx under "Prospects" and also in your activity stream: 


  • Check to make sure that the prospect does not already exist in your system (this includes any profile that has that email)

  • Check that the event has prospect spaces available

  • Check that the class isn't full 

Please see this article for how to add the Clubworx calendar to your website.

You can view this article for how to create events within Clubworx.

You can view this article for how to book your members into events within Clubworx.

Your members will not be able to cancel their bookings once it is made. In order to do this, you will need to be using the member portal feature - Click here for more information. 

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