Clubworx Point of Sale will work with any "Plug and Play" scanner. All you need is your barcode, and any scanner. Now all you need to do is point and scan!

First, you'll need to attach the barcode to the product in Clubworx - Think of this like the product's "member number". Head to "POS" then "Manage Products", and "+ Add Product": 

Next, add the product as usual - With the "Product Code" being the same as the barcode of the item and then click "Save" - (Note: Check out This Article for more information on tax rates):

Now, you'll be able to scan the item in a POS sale. To do this, head into POS by clicking "POS" then "New POS Sale": 

Once you're in the POS screen, you'll be able to select "Scan Product" 

Now, you will be able to enter the barcode you entered in the "Product code" - Either manually, or using the scanner, and click "Done":

This will add the product to the sale, and you can click "Continue" to add more items:

Congrats on adding your first scannable item to your Point of Sale! If you have any further questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at

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