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Allow Memberships to be Purchased Instantly with the "Pay Now" feature

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Clubworx is excited to introduce the "Pay Now" feature. This feature allows you to generate a URL for a membership, which you can link as a website button or on social media, so that members and prospects can purchase a membership instantly.

To access this feature in your Clubworx account you will need to:

  • Be using Ezidebit as your connected Payment Provider (read more here). 

  • Create a real time payments account with Ezidebit. Please contact us on if you would like any assistance with getting this set up.

What is "Pay Now"? 

"Pay Now" is a shorter version of our "Book and Pay" feature. So now your members and prospects can purchase a membership, and come back to book later if required.

This feature allows you to create a simple weblink so someone can instantly pay for a membership online. You'll be able to send your existing contacts the link in emails or SMS, or create a button on your website for members or visitors to purchase a membership instantly using a credit card. 

First, you'll need to head to "Admin" then "Membership Plans" and click "Manage Book and Pay" (Please note: The "Manage Book and Pay" button will only show once you have Real Time Payments set up): 

Next, you will be taken to the Clubworx Check Out Plan page where you can manage your memberships and their URLs. Once you have enabled the plan, you will be able to click the "Copy URL button":

You will then be prompted to select a checkout type for your link - Whether this is "Book and Pay" or "Pay Now" (Payment-Only). 

Please note: If the specific membership is not elligible for "Book and Pay", you may only have the "Copy URL" button for "Pay Now". For more information on setting up book and pay, you can view this article

Once you have copied the "Payment-Only Checkout" URL, you will be able to paste it in comms, or as a website button, or try it out yourself by pasting it in a new window. When followed, the link will take you to a page like this:

Once the email is entered:

  • If the member exists in the system, the email will be matched to them (or if multiple contacts match that email, they will be asked to choose which contact they would like to purchase the membership for).

  • If the contact is not in Clubworx, a new profile will be created for them 

Once the First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number are collected, the contact will be taken to the "Payment Information" page:

Once the payment is successful, the member will receive the "Payment Successful" message:

In your Clubworx account, the membership will be added to the member and the payment marked "Paid" (as it is an instant payment) - Please note that the payment method is not stored in Clubworx when purchased via Pay Now or Book and Pay:

For any further questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact support at 

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