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How to Create a Payment Authority Waiver
How to Create a Payment Authority Waiver

This article will show you how to create a waiver that allows your members to update their billing information.

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Step 1. - Create a new waiver

 From the left hand side menu, click Waivers .Then click the + Add New Waiver button.

Set the options at the top of the waiver to New Members and All Contacts . Make sure that the option Waiver Requires Review is ticked. This will allow you to merge and review the waiver when it is submitted.

Step 2. - Hide the Sections You Don't Need

In this scenario, we are only looking to update the member's billing details so you can hide any sections you don't need. Scroll down the page and click the Show/Hide button to hide the section.

*Remember* It is likely that the members you send this to will already be on a membership plan so you should also hide the Membership Options section. If you don't an additional membership will be added to your member.

Step 3 - Show the "Payment Authority Section"

The most important thing we need in this waiver is the Payment Authority section. Make sure this section is set to Show. If applicable, make sure to tick the box to share payment method with dependents. This is especially important if you have a lot of families as members.

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