Your members in the Clubworx system will be able to book into events via the external calendar (Please see end of article for more information, and troubleshooting.)

For your member to book into an event, they should select the event they want on the calendar: 

Then, they just enter in their email address and click submit: 

If successful, they will receive this message:


If your member receives this error:

  • Check to make sure that the member is not suspended

  • Check that the member has a valid membership

  • Check that the member's membership dates are valid for the date of the event 

  • Check that the limitations of the membership would allow the member to attend this class if it has limitations

  • Check that the class isn't full 

  • Check that the member does not have any failed payments

Please see this article for how to add the Clubworx calendar to your website.

You can view this article for how to create events within Clubworx.

You can view this article for how to book your members into events within Clubworx.

Your members will not be able to cancel their bookings once it is made. In order to do this, you will need to be using the member portal feature - Click here for more information. 

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