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How to view General Member Attendance
How to view General Member Attendance

You can view general member attendances by creating a custom report

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When you capture your member attendances using the 'General Kiosk Mode' under the Calendar menu option, or 'Mark Attendances' under the Admin menu option, it will not be recording against any specific events in the calendar.

There are two places you can view this information:

Under the "Attendances" dashlet: 

Or you can create a report by following the below process to view these attendances.

Click on the 'Reports' menu option. The 'Custom Reports' tab should open by default. Click on the 'Add Report' button.

In the next screen you can set up your data to contain the information that you need for this report. To retrieve the general attendance information, you need to add a filter for the 'Event Name' to contain 'General Attendance'.

In the example report below, the information of all members that have been marked with general attendances in the last 7 days is shown. 

The report can easily be set up to display information for a specific timeframe by replacing the '7 days' filter with the specific required date range.

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