If you are using Ezidebit as your payment provider, you may come across the message "Failed: Add Payment Denied - Only active customers can have payments added to their schedule" as a payment status.

This means that the last payment for that member failed for a reason other than insufficient funds. There are many reasons, but common examples are lost or stolen card, product not supported (their bank does not allow their card to make direct debits), or do not honour.

Your member will still be an active member in Clubworx, but when a permanent failure happens they will be put on hold in Ezidebit and will continue to return this message.

To resolve the issue, you will need your member to fill out a payment update waiver. Click here for an article on how to set this up.

Once they return the waiver and it is approved, you will be able to attempt the payment again by clicking the calendar icon beside the due date to choose a date in the future to retry:

If the payment continues to return the "Add Payment Denied" failure, you can contact Ezidebit directly here or you can contact Clubworx support at support@clubworx.com

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