Reporting On Membership Payments

How to report on your membership payments, including how they were paid, to make sure you're up to date with revenue reporting

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Through Clubworx, your members will have the option to pay for memberships in multiple ways. These include cash, POS, and autopay options. We also have many useful reports where you can keep track of revenue.

The most individualised report is the "Payments" report. This will show you membership and POS payments individually, for each member. 

You will be able to filter this report in many ways including: 

  • Dates

  • Status (Paid, Failed, Pending, etc.)

  • Location (based on the member's set location)

  • Category of membership 

  • Payment Method 

You will also be able to export this list:

You will also be able to access your "Debtors" report from this page:

Your "Debtors" report will contain anyone who has an outstanding payment that is past it's due date:

Another report that will help you manage your revenue is your "Daily Takings Report". To get to this report, click "Reports" and then "Financial" and click "Daily Takings Report": 

Here, you'll be able to select dates and see the total revenue collected on that day, based on membership categories.

Please note: The daily takings report will show payments that were manually marked "Paid" as being paid on the day they were marked, not on the due date. This is so you are able to balance your till based on payments physically received on the reported day, rather than expected revenue: 

There are also revenue reports on your dashboard:

If you click "Show More", you'll be able to see those reports in more detail, including revenue breakdowns (Net Revenue Report) and choosing the amount of time you wish to see:

If you have any further questions or queries on reports, please don't hesitate to contact our team on 

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