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Adding Notes to a Contact
Adding Notes to a Contact

This article will show you how to add notes to a contact, and how to view these in the contact notes report

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Notes can be added to a contact in Clubworx for historical documentation, or in cases where there's information about a member that you need to keep in mind long term. It is different to a flag as it does not show up in kiosk or roll call.

To add a note to your contact in Clubworx, head to their contact profile then click on the Notes tab. Pressing Add Note will allow you to add a new note. You can use the pencil button to edit a note, or the trash icon to delete a note:

After you add your Subject (heading - optional), Body (the contents of the note), and tags (to aid in searching for similar notes - optional) click Submit Note to save the note to the contact's profile:

You can search for notes in the Notes tab of the contact profile or through tags:

Additionally, if you head to Reports then the Contact Tab you will find the Contact Notes report:

This allows you to search notes by the date added, contact name, content, the user who added the note, or by tag in a system-wide search. You will have access to the trash icon so that you can delete notes from this page as well:

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