How can I attach a new waiver to an existing contact?

Waiver merging is a new feature from Clubworx to help keep all of your data on a contact up to date in the one place! It stops new contact profiles being created when an existing contact signs a waiver and their e-mail address is already in your database.

Merging a waiver will transfer the new waiver into the existing contact's profile and update the existing contact with any new information submitted on the waiver. 

How is it done?

If an existing contact signs a new waiver it will appear in "Pending review" and will have a "Merge" button beside it. 

You can click this to see if there are any existing contact profiles for the member. You can also click through to the review panel and you will be alerted if the system detects the contact may be a duplicate (because the email already exists for a member in your Clubworx account): 

Either option will take you to this screen: 

If you wish to transfer the waiver into the existing contact's profile, click the "Merge Waiver" option - otherwise, click cancel and continue the review process as usual.

If the merge is successful you will be given this update at the top of your screen:

You will then need to go back to the "Pending Review" screen, and review the waiver as usual. If you accidentally merge a waiver you can simply click the "Undo" button: 

Once you have approved the waiver you can find it under the "Waivers" tab in your contact's profile.

NOTE: If a prospect signs a new member waiver and the member waiver is merged to their profile they will be converted into a member and the signed waiver will be stored under their "Waivers" tab. 

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