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Reading your member graph on your dashboard

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On the dashlet you will see a graph of your membership activity over the past 6 months.

You will also be shown:

1. Active members in the last 30 days
2. New members this week
3. New members this month
4. Cancelled members this month

To expand on this, you can click the "Show more" button: 

You will be taken to this screen: 

  1. This will show your total active members for the period you have chosen as well as the % increase or decrease over that period of time along the bottom. 

  2. You can change the period of time that this graph displays by selecting "Last month"**, "Last 3 months", "Last 6 months", or "Last 12 months". 

  3. This will show you your total new members for each month 

  4. You can use this selection tool to change which type of contacts you are viewing (Prospects, Members or Cancellations). 

  5. You can use this button to change the amount of time the graph is showing (Last month**, Last 3 months, Last 6 months, or Last 12 months. 

  6. This will show you the list of new members. If you change section 5 to prospects or cancellations, this will show a list of those contacts.

** "Last month" will show the last 30 days of activity. 

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