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Reading your Recent Activity dashlet on your dashboard

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4. Recent Activity

The default setting for "Recent Activity" will be all activities in your account. However, you are able to narrow this down to: 

  • Attendances - Attendances and Absences

  • Bookings - Member Bookings

  • Booking Emails - Emails you have sent for bookings and member portal log in details

  • Gradings - If you are a martial arts studio you will be able to see information on gradings here

  • Payments - Invoices sent to customers

  • Prospects - Prospect sign ups

  • Members - Member sign ups

  • Memberships - Membership details of your members

  • Communications - SMS and emails sent or received

  • Waivers - Information on signed waivers

  • Sequences - If you have a sequence enabled this will show you sequence data

If you scroll to the bottom of the "Recent Activity" dashlet, you will be able to click through to "View All"

In this screen you will be able to filter the activity as described above as well as filter the dates for the activity you wish to see:

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