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What happens when my members purchase memberships through the portal?
What happens when my members purchase memberships through the portal?
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For information on how your member accesses their member portal, please read this article.

To purchase a membership from their portal, your members can go to the 'Buy Membership' menu item once they have logged into their portal.

Then click "More Info" on the membership they wish to purchase: 

After they select the membership they want to purchase, the details will show and they will be able to set the start date of the membership.

The way membership purchases through the member portal works:

  1.  Anytime a member purchases a membership through the portal you will receive an email to let you know that this has happened. The email will highlight whether the member has a payment method or not. The membership will be added to the profile regardless of an attached payment method.

  2. If there is no payment method stored in the wallet you can either:

  • contact the member to collect their payment details and add this their wallet so that the payment can be processed. You could even use waivers to collect the payment method;

  • or collect the payment by cash or POS the next time they visit. 

In essence, purchasing a membership from the portal is exactly the same as adding it through the member's profile. If you do not have their payment details yet, you will need to collect it or collect the payment via another method.

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