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InsideTracker - Client Results Error
InsideTracker - Client Results Error

Don't see results for a client in CoachRx? Read this article for helpful troubleshooting.

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Don't see results for a client in CoachRx? Log in to your Pro account at

  • On the Dashboard screen, click "View users" in the left panel.

    • You should see clients that have signed up for InsideTracker listed there.

  • Click the 3 little dots next to the name of the client you expected to see results for.

    • If you see "request permission", click that to request that your client grant you permission to access their results and recommendations. The client will receive an email to grant you permission and once they do you should be able to access it through CoachRx.

    • If you do not see that option or you do not see the client listed at all, please reach out to for further assistance."

In this article, we will explore the various features and functionalities of the InsideTracker Pro dashboard to help coaches make the most of this resource.

Logging in and Security

To access the InsideTracker Pro dashboard, it is crucial to note that the login page for the Pro account is different from the one used for personal accounts. To ensure a seamless experience, it is recommended to use a separate browser for your Pro login. For instance, you can use Google Chrome for personal accounts and Firefox for the Pro dashboard. This practice minimizes the risk of any login-related issues.

Upon logging in, two-factor authentication is required for enhanced security and privacy. Coaches can set up this authentication either through SMS or by using Google Authenticator. Once the code is entered, coaches gain access to their Pro dashboard.

Exploring the Dashboard

The Pro dashboard serves as the home base for your account. To view a complete list of users linked to your Pro account, click on "View Users" on the left-hand side. By default, users are organized into teams, with the primary team being named after the coach. Coaches also have the option to create additional teams for better organization, though keeping all clients under the primary team is recommended for simplicity.

Within the team overview, coaches can get a high-level view of all the users in the team. The overview displays the number of users categorized as optimal or non-optimal in each biomarker category. Clicking on a specific category, such as "Endurance," provides further details, including the biomarkers used to determine optimal status. A list of users is presented, with green or red circles indicating their status in that particular category.

Accessing Individual User Information

To access the detailed information of an individual user, navigate to the "View Users" list and click on the user's name. However, it's important to note that coaches can only access data from users who have granted permission to view their results. Coaches can request permission directly from the dashboard. On the user's page, basic demographic information, such as age, height, and weight, is displayed.

A table showcases all the user's test results, with each biomarker listed as a row and each test as a column. The most recent test appears on the right side, and coaches can scroll through previous tests. Biomarkers are color-coded to indicate whether they are optimal (green), need work (yellow), or at risk (red). Additionally, coaches have the ability to add notes to specific tests for further context.

Exploring User-Specific Data

From the individual user's page, coaches can dive even deeper into the data. By clicking on "C Blood Work" at the top, coaches are taken to the user's blood work page, replicating the user's personal account view. Here, coaches can explore graphs, recommendations, and navigate through the account as the user would. Categories such as lipids and nutrition provide insights into specific markers and recommendations generated by InsideTracker.

Managing Client Permissions and Notifications

When users use your InsideTracker Pro code, they are prompted to grant permission for you to access their results. Additionally, coaches receive email notifications whenever a client who has used their code receives new test results. If clients are missing from your dashboard, you can reach out to to link them accordingly.

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