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CoachRx Programs

Assign Programs to individuals or groups.

Updated over a week ago

The Programs feature allows you to create standard or live programs for individuals or groups.

Standard- a program that is not associated with calendar dates. The standard program is meant to be assigned to a client for a certain amount of days and end after the program is complete.

Live- a program that is associated with calendar dates. When assigned to clients, the coach can update based on calendar dates and these workouts are pushed to any clients who are assigned to the program. This program is meant to have no end date, rather is an ongoing program design. This allows you to mass send the same program to multiple clients.

How to create a program :

  1. Go to Index

  2. Click Programs

  3. Write in program name, description and choose if you would like it to be a standard or live program

  4. Design and assign

How to assign a program :

Once your program is created, you can now assign it to one or multiple individuals. If you choose a standard program, you will choose a start date (dates the program shows on the client’s calendar) and if you like to Sync changes (if you update the program, it will update for those that are currently in the program).

If you are using a Live program, keep in mind this program is based on dates on the live calendar, so the date of workouts in the live calendar directly corresponds with your client’s calendar. You simply assign these programs to clients and anything you design in the calendar is automatically pushed to those client’s calendar. If you want to unassign, push the “Manage Assignment” button and unassign from there.

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