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CoachRx, a leading fitness coaching app, offers a range of features to enhance the training experience for both coaches and clients. One such feature is the Equipment List, which allows trainers and their clients to keep track of the equipment available for workouts. In this article, we will explore the benefits and functionalities of the Equipment List feature, highlighting how it streamlines the training program design process and accommodates clients with multiple workout locations.

Updating the Equipment List:

When onboarding a new client, especially if they are not physically present, it is crucial to understand the equipment available for their training. CoachRx simplifies this process by enabling clients to update their Equipment Lists directly through the app. Coaches can also assist their clients by adding equipment to the list on their behalf. This collaborative approach ensures that trainers have accurate information about the available equipment for designing tailored workouts.

Managing Equipment Lists:

CoachRx allows coaches to create multiple Equipment Lists, each associated with a specific location. By specifying the location and listing the equipment present in that particular place, trainers gain better visibility and organization of available resources. This feature proves particularly useful when clients have access to multiple workout spaces, such as a gym and a home gym.

Designing Training Programs:

The Equipment List feature seamlessly integrates into CoachRx's training program design process. When crafting a workout plan for a client, coaches can easily refer to the respective Equipment List. This quick reference empowers trainers to optimize the program design, ensuring that exercises are compatible with the available equipment at the chosen location. By doing so, coaches provide clients with personalized workouts that align with their equipment resources.

Editing and Deleting Equipment Lists:

CoachRx recognizes that equipment needs may change over time. To accommodate this, the app allows coaches and clients to edit or delete Equipment Lists as required. Whether a new piece of equipment is added or an existing one becomes unavailable, the flexibility to modify the list ensures that training programs remain up to date and adaptable.

Use Case - Multiple Equipment Lists

The ability to create multiple Equipment Lists becomes especially valuable when clients train in different locations. Consider a scenario where a client frequents both a professional gym and a home gym in their garage. By maintaining separate Equipment Lists for each location, trainers can effortlessly switch between them when designing the training program. This way, coaches can tailor workouts based on the specific equipment available at each location, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the training regimen.

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