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Adding Members to a Family Account

Create a Member Profile and Assign the Player to an Existing Family

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  • Feature Summary: Add a player to a family.

  • Use Cases: System users can create a new player profile and add that person to an existing family. If the new member is a child, the system user can optionally grant the child access to the member portal, which means they can book courts and lessons.


Know how to create a Family.


  1. Log in to the admin dashboard.

  2. Go to the side menu and click MEMBERS> FAMILIES. A new page displays.

On the next page, locate the family in the table and click the row one time.

Scroll down the page and to the bottom table. Click the Family Members tab and then click the Add New Family Member button.

Fill in the required fields, set the role (see below), and save the profile.

Most customers add a child to the Family plan by simply entering the first and last name. This is enough to sign their child up for club events.

Setting the family role

Click the Family Role field and select an option.

  • If the family assigns a Child role, CourtReserve displays a checkbox that is, by default, not checked. Check the box to grant the child permission to log in to the member portal. With this permission, the child can book courts and make lesson reservations.

If a child has login permissions, the system user must enter an email address and password for this member.

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