If you are an admin trying to 'Book a Court' (create a reservation), you'll go to SCHEDULER:

Whether you use EXPANDED or CONSOLIDATED isn't important - it's however your club has created their scheduler settings. However, here, I will be showing the EXPANDED SCHEDULER VIEW:

Once here, I can now see:

  • Courts

  • Time Intervals

  • Any reservation or events occupying my courts will appear here

We'll click the 'RESERVE' button.

At the top, we'll see the 'Court Reservation' or 'Lesson'

'Court Reservation,' will appear as so:

While 'Lesson' will appear with the options to select a LESSON TYPE & INSTRUCTOR

To create a LESSON TYPE, CLICK HERE to learn more.


NOTE: Only admins and sub-admission (with permission), can create LESSONS in the CourtReserve system. Therefore, members wanting LESSONS, will need to contact the club and have an admin create this for them.


If you scroll down some, you'll be able to see

  • Note: here you can create a note THAT ONLY ADMINS WILL SEE. The note will appear on the scheduler from the Admin View, but it will not be visible on the Member Portal View.

  • Hide on Public Scheduler: this option allows you to hide this reservation from the Public Scheduler view. This way the court will appear as 'occupied' but it will not show the details of the reservation and/or the members involved.

Now I can start customizing my reservation:

Reservation Type: Singles

Time: 12 - 1pm

Search for Members: I added 2 members at my club

'Send Confirmation Email to Member(s): If you want them to get a confirmation email LEAVE CHECKED

NOTICE: Once I selected my MEMBERS that are on this reservation, if the Reservation Type allows for GUESTS, the GUESTS feature will pop up:

Here, I can see the Guest information as well as the GUEST FEE I have made for this Reservation Type.

Once all of this is set up, 'SAVE CHANGES.'

Now, we can see our new reservation on the scheduler:

If we hover over the triangular 'i' symbol:

If we click on the 'i' symbol:

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