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We'll go to Settings > Instructor Settings > Book a Pro Setup

Book a Pro uses the Custom Scheduler format, so if you have made Custom Schedulers before, the process is very similar.

We'll go to Create Instructor Custom Scheduler

Here we will name the scheduler, select the instructor type/instructors allowed to be booked

Once you have selected your coaches and lesson types for this scheduler, you can customize how the system will create these lessons.

Required - System Selection - This means that the system (CourtReserve) will select the court for you when the lesson is being scheduled.

Required - Player Selection - This requires the player to select a court when creating their lesson.

Court Optional - This means that selecting/assigning a court to the lesson is not required.

Show No Courts, Require No Court Selection - This is ideal for clubs that want the Pros to be responsible for scheduling/reserving the courts for their lessons. Therefore, no courts are being reserved, just the time/day slot on the Pro's schedule.

You have the option to show the calendar availability + book a lesson, or just show the calendar availability (View Only).

You can Require a Payment Profile (have a card or echeck account saved on file) OR just require them to pay upfront (pay within 15 minutes of their lesson being created).

Here we have a few more settings such as

  • Time in Advance an Instructor Can Be Scheduled & Days in Advance to Show Instructor Availability - Example: You let players create lessons 14 days in advance, but they can see up to 30 days in advance on the calendar.

  • Time to Open Next Reservation Day - This is if you want to put in an exact time that lesson creations open (ex. Lessons 'open' at 9am on the 14th day in advance)

  • Buffer Time Before Scheduling a Lesson - if we input '30 minutes' here, this means that an instructor cannot be booked less than 30 minutes before the lesson start time (ex. lesson cannot be created at 2:31pm for 3:00pm same day).

We get asked a lot what Interval Minutes means - all this means is what time 'blocks' would you like to scheduler to run on?

If we have this set to '30' it means the scheduler will go 9am, 9:30am, 10am, 10:30am.

If we set this to '60' the scheduler would go 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, etc.

Finally, you can adjust settings such as Hiding Lesson Details on the scheduler, Allowing Lesson Cancellations, Allowing Lesson Edits, and adjusting the hours of operation/available days for this scheduler.

Once you've finished your setup, the scheduler may look something like this:

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