Custom Fields are a great way to gather additional information from your members and can be attached to the following:

  • Events: This is going to be shown on the actual event (creation)

  • Event Registration: Event Registration custom field is going to be an additional box for your members when they go to register for an event (if a custom field is attached).

  • Member: This is going to appear on your Member's profiles

  • Reservations/Lessons: This custom field box will appear on Reservations/Lessons

  • Transaction: Transaction custom fields will show up whenever you are processing transactions.


To create a Custom Field, you can go to any location (Reservation Settings, Event Settings, Member Settings) where the button 'Custom Fields' is shown. If you need direction, you can go to Settings > Event Settings > Custom Fields. Press 'Create' to start

  • Select Category: this determines where the Custom Field will appear.

  • Field Type: This determines if the custom field is going to be a Text Area, Text Box, or Drop-Down Menu.

  • Label: This is what you want the Custom Field to be called/what you want the users to see when completing the Custom Field.

  • 'Is Required': If you want this custom field to be optional (information may not apply to some users) then you can leave this unchecked.


Once your Custom Field has been created, depending on the category you chose, you can go to review.

  • Member Category: If it was a Member category Custom Field, you can simply pull up a member's profile and scroll towards the bottom under the Details tab to see.

  • Event Registrant: If it was an event registrant custom field

1) Attach the custom field to the desired event (event > general info) and save changes

2) Once the event information has been saved, go the Member Portal side and register for the event. You will see the Custom Field check box(es) upon registering.

  • Reservation Custom Field

    You can test this on either the admin or member portal side depending on how you configured the Custom Field. If it was to show on both the admin and member portal side, then you can simply go to the expanded scheduler to test.

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