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How can I share an Episode using a public link?
How can I share an Episode using a public link?

Learn how to share an Episode publicly, with external people for example

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There are times where you will want to share an Episode with someone. You could of course print your Episode or save a PDF, but these are snapshots in time, meaning they do not stay up to date with the changes being made in the Episode as time goes on.

A better option is to share your Episode using a link to it.

When you want to share an Episode with someone who does not have access to the Project the Episode was created in, then you can use the 'Share public link' option.

This can be particularly handy for sharing an up-to-date version of your Episode with certain colleagues, internal or external stakeholders, and so on. These users can then choose in which layout they want to see the Episode, as well as which Blocks they want to see, and more.

When you select the 'Share public link' option, a pop-up will appear showing you a special link that can be copied to your computer's clipboard, allowing you to paste it wherever you want to share the link (email, chat app,...).

This public link is valid for 30 days. Should you need a new link after those 30 days, simply go back to this menu and get a new link.

Public Episode layouts

In the top right corner of the publicly shared Episode you can select which layout you want to view the Episode in:

Rundown layout

Use the Rundown layout to have a compact overview of the shared Episode.

The Rundown layout shows only the Cue Blocks in the Episode.

Script layout

Use the Script layout to have a more expanded view of the shared Episode.

The Script layout can show both Text and Cue Blocks in the Episode.

Tablet layout

Use the Tablet layout to see the Episode in a view that is suited for use on a tablet (iPad, Android), such as for a presenter for example.

The Tablet layout can show both Text and Cue Blocks in the Episode. One Item is shown per 'page', meaning that you can navigate between Items using the arrow button in the bottom left/right of this layout.

The font size of this layout can be adjusted at the top right of the page.

Filtering the shared Episode view

By default, the shared Episode will show all the different Blocks in the Episode. You can, however, filter these Blocks to only show the Blocks that you want or need.

In the top left corner, click 'Filter' to open the filter options where you can decide for each of the available Blocks whether or not they should be displayed in your current layout.

Adding notes Columns to the Rundown layout

When using the shared Episode view in the Rundown layout, you can choose to show your notes Columns as well. To do so, click the 'Rundown' column header to show the available Columns, then select the Column you want to add to your view. Repeat the process for all the Columns you want to add.

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