The plan that you will receive via the app will be specific to you based on your gender, height, weight, meal preferences etc. 

So for example, a man who is 40 years old, weighs 75kgs and pure vegetarian will have a different plan from a woman who is 40 years old, weights 60kgs and is non-vegetarian. 

Even the foods that you will see during the programme will be specific to your meal choices. So if you are a vegetarian, you will not see a non-veg recipe, ever!

When you sign-up for the D9 programme, we will ask you to fill out a few details (like your weight, meal preferences etc). We then go away and develop your customized plan that will include food, activity and sleep. We will upload this into your custom-built app and then send you a link to download it.  This means that everything you will see in your app is specific to you, right from the moment you open the app for the first time 😊.

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